• Start using inaccessible data

  • Use data that you could not access before.

    We now know that data has the power to transform society and businesses. And the more quality data we have, the better the results.


    But, what if you can’t access valuable data due to confidentiality or privacy concerns?

    Now companies can safely unlock and use confidential data by using N1 Analytics, while ensuring confidentiality and privacy for all parties.

  • How does it work?

    A new idea. A new technology. A new solution built on four years of research.

    Local Computation

    A new idea

    Traditional methods require data owners to expose or give away their data.


    Instead of moving the data, N1 sends the compute to where the data resides and any data required by other providers is encrypted using homomorphic encryption.

    Homomorphic Encryption

    A new technology

    Homomorphic encryption allows computation on encrypted data without having to decrypt the data first.

  • 3 Products

    Privacy Preserving Record Linkage

    Privacy Preserving Record Linkage enables matching and linking records across datasets without revealing or releasing the identifying data. It works even if there are errors in the data.


    Use Case


    A multi-national retail corporation owns a number of subsidiaries and would like to get a 360 degree understanding of their customers across all their different companies. PPRL allows them to link common customers in each company while ensuring that the private details of their customers are not exposed.

    Confidential Statistics

    Confidential Statistics enables statistical queries across multiple data sets to compute counts, sums and averages of selections.


    Use Case


    State Government departments would like to better understand the relationship between health and education. In order for them to conduct such an analysis they need to gave a unified view of two departments data and also comply with all relevant privacy legislation and keep the citizen’s data as secure as possible.


    N1 Confidential Statistics enables them to link the data together without exposing personal information while staying compliant of legislation.

    N1 Analytics

    N1 Analytics enables machine learning on datasets where records have been linked to extend features or linked to increase the number of records.


    Use Case

    A global bank that is entering new geographies has limited data about customers who apply for credit. They know that combining their data with previously inaccessible data would provide an uplift in their credit scores and reduce default risk.

    N1 allows them to utilise the billing data of an established mobile carrier in the new location. The combined data allows the bank to extend their model giving them improved credit scores.

  • Proven and secure.

    N1 enables insights to be learnt from data in a confidential and encrypted manner.


    N1 has successfully completed proof of concept (POC) projects with mobile carriers, global banks and government agencies. They demonstrated that N1 can replicate current business processes using encrypted data, allowing the organisations to reach into a wider array of data both safely and compliantly, thereby leading to improved insights.


    The projects and the technology have been reviewed and approved by the compliance officers and the legal teams of the POC organisations.


    It does not change the fact that organisations may need consent or authorisation to access the insights that they can generate. N1 consultants can help organisations understand the ethical and privacy implications of their insight generation.

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