• Learn from data that was inaccessible

    ... until now

    N1 empowers you to legally and safely use data that you couldn't previously because of sensitivity, compliance or security reasons.

  • What could you do if there were no barriers to accessing data?

    N1 enables you to enrich your data by combining it with data from other companies, other jurisdictions or even your competitors. By using homomorphic encryption and by taking the computation to the data you can combine datasets while staying compliant with all policies. You can then learn from these combined datasets without anybody risking exposure or loss of control of their data.


    You no longer need to collect data in one place to use it. This means you are not exposed to the risk of securing or maintaining third party data. So you can now get insights from data that you couldn't access previously.

  • Business use cases

    Here are some ways that businesses are using N1 Analytics

    Global bank improves credit scoring

    A global bank that is entering new geographies has limited data about customers who apply for credit. They know that combining their data with previously inaccessible data would provide an uplift in their credit scores and reduce default risk.


    N1 allows them to utilise the billing data of an established mobile carrier in the new location. The combined data allows the bank to extend their model giving them improved credit scores.

    Reducing insurance fraud

    Insurance fraud currently costs Australian insurance companies $2 billion a year. Due to the sensitive and private nature of customer data, the companies were unable to compare data until now.


    By using N1 to confidentially pool their claim data, insurance companies can detect fraudulent activities without exposing their data to each other or anyone else.

    Mobile carrier creates services from their data

    A national carrier has wanted to monetize their data but was unable to due to the risks of hurting their reputation or breaching policy and compliance.


    N1 gives the mobile carrier a safe and legal way to create services and revenue from their data assets without risking exposure or losing control of their data.


    A buyer of their service is a bank looking to improve their credit scoring for customers without conventional credit histories.

  • How does it work and what can it do?

  • Proven and secure.

    N1 enables insights to be learnt from data in a confidential and encrypted manner.


    N1 has successfully completed proof of concept (POC) projects with mobile carriers, global banks and government agencies. They demonstrated that N1 can replicate current business processes using encrypted data, allowing the organisations to reach into a wider array of data both safely and compliantly, thereby leading to improved insights.


    The projects and the technology have been reviewed and approved by the compliance officers and the legal teams of the POC organisations.


    It does not change the fact that organisations may need consent or authorisation to access the insights that they can generate. N1 consultants can help organisations understand the ethical and privacy implications of their insight generation.

  • Who are we and what we believe?

    The N1 Analytics team includes industry and academic leaders in machine learning, privacy-preserving algorithms and large scale distributed computing.


    We passionately believe that data has the power to transform society. We also have the utmost respect for privacy and confidentiality. Which is why our mission is to create technology that gets the most out of data while keeping it safe.

    Dr. Stephen Hardy

    Chief Scientific Officer

    Dr. Stephen Hardy leads the Confidential Computing program at Data61 in CSIRO. He has extensive experience in applying data analytics to solve problems in industry and government. He was previously head of Canon’s Image and Video Research and Development Centre in Sydney, Australia, and before that an astrophysicist in Australia and German research institutions.

    Dr. Max Ott

    Chief Engineering Officer

    Dr. Max Ott has spent most of his career nurturing initially crazy ideas into research outcomes through to products and supporting business models. He has just returned from Incoming Media, the leading video engagement platform with embedded machine learning, to work with a great team on the next big thing - confidential computing.

    Brian Thorne

    Scrum Master

    Dr. Guillaume Smith

    Networks / Privacy

    Dr. Mentari Djatmiko

    Networks / Privacy

    Dr. Hamish Ivey-Law


    Dr. Wilko Henecka


    Dr. Richard Nock

    Machine Learning

    Giorgio Patrini

    Machine Learning

    Huy Pham

    Front End Engineer

    Amit Jaiswal

    Product Manager